Nimbus Fab Torus in Agua Azul
Nimbus Fab Torus in Agua Azul
Nimbus Fab Torus in Agua Azul
Nimbus Fab Torus in Agua Azul

Nimbus Fab Torus in Agua Azul

Sale price $ 349.00 Regular price $ 829.00
Introducing Nimbus Glass’ new Fab Torus in Agua Azul ! We have created and designed this rig meticulously to bring you a sturdy, high quality piece of art with incredible function and beautiful attributes including a large encased opal and sanblasted sections.  we went above and beyond by giving this piece our thickest joint and base to make this one hell of a sturdy piece.

  • Sandblasted sections 
  • Seed Of life percolator
  • large encased opal
  • Made in Agua Azul by Glass Alchemy
  • Incredibly thick and wide base 
  • Extremely thick Joint connection  to the can
  • 8 inches tall
  • 4 inches wide base
  • no logo 
  • 14mm female joint


 It’s a personal preference but we recommend adding palm oil or any food safe oil such as olive oil to the sandblasted sections with color. It helps give the glass a satin look and deepens the color. 

Just apply a small amount of oil with a paper towel and then wipe all the oil off with a clean paper towel. This then leaves just a small amount needed to give the effect. 

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