Custom faceted pet memorial "crystal" pendant with encased ashes

Custom faceted pet memorial "crystal" pendant with encased ashes

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currently booked up but once the first 10 are finished i will put this back in stock,

These are completely free.  You just need to send the glass you would like the pendant made in and less then a gram of your beloved pets ashes. I will be able to ship out priority mail and wont take any donations but if you wanted to send extra glass that could be used for other people's pendants once a color supply is built up but that's more then welcome but not needed.

Only need an ounce of the color you decide to use  to make the pendant in which should cost 2$-8$ from wherever you source the glass such as


If your not able to send glass that would you would like used, i do have a supply we can look over also 


After putting your order in email me at to confirm what you would like so we can set everything up


(Only making this for those that would like a glass crystal memorial pendant  with encased ashes of their pet)


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