Double Amber Purple Klein
Double Amber Purple Klein
Double Amber Purple Klein
Double Amber Purple Klein

Double Amber Purple Klein

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This  Double Amber Purple Nimbus klein is only 7.5 inches tall and is finally up for sale.  At Nimbus Glass we Strive to bring the Highest quality products to the market at an unbelievable price. We only use the highest quality materials in the creation of our water pipes while still bringing each water pipe to the market at an unbeatable price.


While designing the nimbus klein we went through many prototypes until we were amazed at the quality and function of our final design, Each aspect has been improved on our klein to surpass the traditional klein design and each change in design  serves an exact purpose at improving function. This Nimbus klein is made with a thick hollow  base which enables it to function in a perfectly unique way. By adding our percolator at the base of the can, we enable the entire can to be used for filtration and are also left with the base of the water pipe to aid in filtration. For an Average klein the percolator sits just below the middle of the can only utilizing half of the available space. We had a vision to create a  design that functions unbelievably well and were happy to finally release it to the public.


  • Made with american Northstar Double Amber Purple glass and German Schott  glass 
  • Large  AAA encased opal
  • 14mm female joint
  • 5mm glass (thicker in certain areas)
  • 7,5 inches tall
  • New Peculator with wider slanted cuts
  • Sand blasted Nimbus logo 
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